I’m a software engineer and small business owner originally from Australia and currently based out of Sweden. When I say ‘software engineer’ I mean that in the broadest sense of the term. Although the main focus of my career has been coding, over the years I’ve worked in all kinds of roles and industries ranging from consumer-facing technical support to managing the IT side of a poker events company and even developing tracking hardware for racing pigeons. Whatever the problem domain, I want to find the best way to solve it.

Now in its 11th major overhaul since 1999, my blog has come a long way since the days of Pokemon BBQ recipes and controversial Flash games. These days I mostly write about programming-related topics intended for the benefit of others, but there are times where my target audience is simply myself. Don’t be surprised to find me occasionally writing about music, guitars, entrepreneurship, electronics, exotic keyboards, 3D printing or basically whatever inspires me at the time.

The world is already divided and overly politicised as it is so I prefer to keep politics out of my blog. You generally won’t see me commenting on things like elections, global conflicts or voicing token support for #TheCurrentThing. That said, there are some political areas which overlap with my tech interests and will inevitably come up from time to time. I am a strong believer in the importance of open source software and the open source ethos in general. I am a very vocal advocate for the right to digital privacy for individuals and the need for accountability for governments and corporations - rather than the other way around as much of the world seems to be heading. I also support freedom of speech and expression, the right to repair, and universal access to education among other things.

I think that’s more than enough about me.