If you’re reading this you’re probably a lawyer or stalker. Hooray. Two things I do NOT need more of in my life.

Either way, you came here for a reason so let’s get this out of the way. By accessing and using this website, you agree to the following terms and conditions.

1. Content Accuracy

I know, I know. You’ve come to rely on the internet as an infallible source of truth. It turns out truth is tricky. While I try my best to provide accurate and up-to-date information which does justice to that impressive legacy, even the best of us make mistakes. Hence, it is advisable to take everything I say with a pinch of salt and exercise your own judgment, as I can not and do not guarantee the absolute accuracy of any content.

This site will often contain links to external websites or resources. I do not control the content on these third-party sites and am not responsible for their practices, views, or accuracy. Linking to an external website or resource is not in any way an endorsement unless expressly stated as such.

3. User-Generated Content

I may at times include functionality for site visitors to contribute content, such as providing comments on blog posts. Keep in mind that the crazy stuff people say is their own opinion, not mine. I might be the ringmaster of this little circus but the clowns that pass through these walls have minds of their own. Don’t blame me if someone says something outrageous.

On the topic of outrageous opinions, I welcome thoughtful discussion and disagreement but this isn’t a free-for-all. I reserve the right to moderate and remove inappropriate or otherwise undesirable contributions as I see fit. Keep it civil, and please save the edgelord memes for 4chan.

I respect the works of others and I don’t go around stealing their stuff. Any third party trademarks, logos, and images appearing on this site remain the property of their respective owners. If I accidentally step on someone’s toes, just give me a shout and I’ll fix it.

Regarding my own original content, unauthorized use or reproduction of anything from this web site including but not limited to articles, images, and videos is strictly prohibited without my explicit written consent.

I might touch on financial and legal topics but let’s keep it real. I’m not a financial advisor or lawyer by any stretch of the imagination.

Any information I provide on these subjects is for general purposes only. Do yourself a favor, use that wonderful brain of yours and consult experts if you need this kind of guidance. Not sure where to begin? Better call Saul.

6. Product Reviews

Sometimes I might review products and services because, hey, I like things. Or as the case might often be, I really dislike things. Whathever the nature of my review, remember that my opinion is just that - an opinion. You are still responsible for doing your own due diligence before whipping out the credit card.

7. Personal Opinions

Speaking of opinions, some of what I write about is admittedly highly subjective.

These opinions belong to me and me alone. They don’t represent the views or opinions of any other organization or individual associated with me. Hell, they may not even always represent my own views - I will always try to share my honest opinions but personal growth is a gradual ongoing process and perspectives can change over time.

I don’t do sponsored promotions of any kind and my opinion cannot be bought.

8. Accessibility

I make no assurances about accessibility. There are endless battles out there to be fought and I simply don’t have the time, energy or interest in fighting all of them. That said, if there are small things I can do such as adding additional tags to assist people relying on screen readers, please let me know and there’s a good chance I’ll implement it.

9. Controversy

If you’re the kind of person who stumbles through life with a checklist of trigger warnings and a demand for safe spaces you would be doing us both a favour by leaving immediately. I don’t go out of my way to offend for the sake of it but by the same token I will not go out of my way to avoid offense to those who are offended by the truth or just because yesteryday’s foregone conclusions have become intensely debated topics.

10. Limitation of Liability

When it comes to liability, think of me as your virtual bartender. I’ll serve up the occasional shot of wisdom but I’m not your designated driver. The responsibility for what you do with that information squarely on your shoulders. I am not liable for any damages or losses resulting from the use of information on this site. This applies to all subject matters discussed but especially in regard to chilli sauces.

Your use of this site constitutes acceptance of this limitation.

11. Changes to Disclaimer:

I might shake things up now and then, including this disclaimer. Deal with it.

This policy was last updated on Friday 12 January 2024

Wow, you made it all the way to the end? Impressive. Or sad? I’m not entirely sure.